Kiwanis is a global organization of volunteers dedicated to improving the world one child and one community at a time.

1922-1933, 1940-



  • The club was organized on April 11, 1922 with 62 members and chartered on July 20, 1922.
  • Holmes Murray was elected the first President.
  • Jason Scarboro led members in baseball games and one opponent played more than once was a group of college women.
  • Formal support was given to the Boy Scouts.
  • President Murray made it a policy of the club to have farmers invited to every meeting.
  • Member Hargrett reported on keeping the park in city hands and member Simons offered to wire the park for free.
  • On June 22, 1922 the Tifton Gazette started a weekly section titled “Kiwanis Kazette.”
  • Meeting time was set at 1:00 PM at Hotel Myon.


  • President J. L. Herring suffered a heart attack at a Ladies Night Program to honor local school teachers and passed away on October 23, 1923. Vice President Buddy Wallace finished the year as President.
  • The Tifton club was invited to the chartering of the Ocilla club and the Slyvester club on the night of May 11. A total of 37 members and spouses went to Ocilla to sing songs and twelve went to Slyvester.
  • A. H. Moon was the first club member to die.
  • The Social Half Hour was a time for fellowship but was used for programs as well.
  • A deaf mute child was sent to the Stapler Institute in Macon for treatment, something all Georgia Kiwanis clubs were allowed to do.


  • Kiwanis ladies entertained the club members in a Washington Birthday party.
  • The Wesleyan Glee Club was entertained at one meeting by the club.
  • Club supported Representative Ellis’s efforts to get a college in Tifton.
  • Club discussed lockers for visiting high school football players and purchasing a motion picture machine for the school.
  • Jason Scarboro was President.


  • The club put on a variety show with acts from Tifton and neighboring towns.
  • A livestock and poultry show was planned for November.
  • Interclubs involved as many members as could make the trip and the visiting club provided the program.
  • Dr. L. A. Baker was President.


  • Attendance at meetings was an issue and club missed having meetings for some weeks. There were 25 members in the club when they had an attendance contest. Club was split into two teams and the winning team got pushed through the business section of town in wheelbarrows. Club went through a reorganization in June.
  • Still met at 1:00 PM at the Hotel Myon.


  • Singing continued to be a major part of meetings.
  • Education committee recommended establishing a community center, more attention to the underprivileged children, formation of a health unit, and free health exams for those requiring it
  • J. C. Sirmons was President of the Club.


  • Resolution of respect for Henry Tift passed by club.
  • Club asked the City Manager that the parking places be marked and regulations enforced in the business district.
  • Kiwanis buttons arrived and are distributed to club members.
  • Governor Osborn felt there was not enough work with underprivileged children in Tifton and encouraged the club to support the college.
  • Reverend H. T. Freeman was made an honorary member of the club.
  • One meeting report said that 16 Kiwanians made the meeting


  • Mrs. Baker was listed as the chair of the Music Committee.
  • The club had 33 club members at one point.
  • The club worked with the Garden Club to plant trees on college road and also did some work at the cemetery.
  • The aviation field committee was another committee active in this year.
  • Bessy Tift College Glee Club provided the entertainment at one meeting.
  • Attendance for February averaged 79%.
  • A committee of three was appointed to work with the new hospital to raise funds.
  • The girls basketball team was honored at another meeting.
  • The “flying squadron” was a group of four Kiwanian singers (H. D. Webb, J. C. Sirmons, Otis Woodard, and A. F. Darden) in the club.


  • Twenty-one people were reported present at one meeting and this represented 95% of the club.
  • Birthdays were celebrated by having a historical sketch presented on members who were celebrating their birthday that week.
  • The Valdosta Club presented the Tifton Club in April the “Tom Marshall Award” which was based on percentage attendance at meetings and miles traveled in interclubs.
  • A “sunshine” speaker at each meeting brought good stories to the club.
  • The Garden Club asked the Kiwanis Club to help them keep vacant house yards cleaned up.


  • Club meetings were held at the Women’s Club on Friday at 1:00 PM with different committees working on serving food at times.
  • A club minstrel was held and the charge for attending was only ten cents and twenty cents. Members had to call 24 or 58-J to say if they were coming to a particular meeting.
  • President J. G. Woodroof of Abraham Baldwin college joined the club and was the youngest member in the club.
  • C. W. King talked about the district convention in Atlanta and seven other people were present at the meeting including Mrs. Baker and another lady.


  • Kiwanis International terminated the charter of the First Kiwanis Club in Tifton on November 8.
  • Lions Club organizer comes to Tifton and recruits former Kiwanis Club and Lions Club members to form a new Lions Club.


  • The existing club was organized on February 15 and the charter was presented on March 12.
  • The club had 28 members and Rev. John R. Bentley was elected President.
  • Meetings started out in the Methodist Church Sunday School or Education Building on Tuesday at 12:15 and then switched to the Myon Hotel on September 23.
  • A Kiwanis Karnival was held in the Twin Brick Warehouse in October.
  • Pilot Club attended a joint meeting with the club.


  • The Tifton Gazette and the club hosted an Empty Stocking fund to provide Christmas stockings for children in the community.. A total of $295 was raised including $100 from the Kiwanis Club, Rotary Club $75, Pilot Club $5.00, Tift Theatre $5.00, and the Lions Club donated toys. There were a three month and a monthly attendance contests with the winner being treated to dinner at the Ferry Lake club house.
  • The club switched to meeting at night at the Women’s Club on March 17 on Monday nights with starting times being at 7:30, then 8:00 and back to 7:30 PM.
  • Dr. Evans was President.
  • Tom Cordell was Lt. Governor.


  • The club had the last meeting at the Women’s Club on June 29, and for several weeks the club met at either homes of members or various locations in town. Eventually the club settled back in the Myon Hotel for 8:00 PM meetings on Monday night.
  • The club had a garden and corn contest for 4-H and FFA members and the prizes were awarded on December 10.
  • The third Kiwanis District held their meetings in Tifton on February 16.
  • Club President A. G. LeRoy resigned from the club in August and the First Vice President, W. A. Newton, also resigned to go live in Griffin. Second Vice President, Orion Mitchell, became President of the club.
  • Nine members of the club went into military service.


  • The club won the Army E award for the second period of this year and if won in the third period then the club would win the International Council of Honor Award.
  • Club ran big patriotic ads in the newspaper on Monday.
  • Club Treasurer was authorized to purchase a War Bond each month.
  • Approval was given to support a pack of Cub Scouts with three dens and 7-9 boys per den.
  • Started the year with 18 members with five in the military service and finished with 34 active members plus two privileged members and seven more in military service.
  • A total of 19 new members were added during the year.
  • Average attendance for the year was 95%.
  • The club sponsored 295 Victory Gardens and entertained five farmers and farmettes.
  • Vocational guidance and good citizenship skills were presented to 235 boys and girls.
  • 125 needy families were given relief and 1,600 children were helped in some way.
  • For military service the club donated $25 to purchase cigarettes for the soldiers, seven gifts were sent to men in service, two blood donations made, instrumental in selling $75,000 worth of War Bonds and contributed $400 for home front activities.
  • The club quartet sang at some meetings.
  • Meetings were held at the Kopper Kettle for several months.
  • Three joint meetings between the Rotary, Lions and Kiwanis were held during the year and the clubs rotated finding a speaker.


  • Jake Herring was President of the club.
  • National Newspaper Week was observed by awarding a Testimonial of Appreciation to the Tifton Gazette.
  • Charles M. Jones, Lt. Governor from Albany visited the club on March 18.
  • Meetings were held at ABAC, Hotel Myon, and the Woman’s Club.
  • The club participated in a city softball league, lost their first five games before beating the Lions Club 15-14 and then the Lions Club won the next two games between the clubs.
  • Perfect attendance tabs were given to Joe Carrol, Ferrol Jolley, and G. O. Wheless.
  • A bulletin board was put together on the courthouse lawn.


  • Cliff Parker was President of the club.
  • National Newspaper Week observed by the club.
  • Boy Scout Troop 60 was presented with its charter.
  • Tifton, Thomasville, and Slyvester clubs planned a joint meeting for August 23.
  • Dan Boggess received a five year perfect attendance pin and Don Winter received a one year perfect attendance pin.
  • Numerous programs on the war were presented.
  • Odis Johnson, Lt. Governor from Thomasville visited the club in April and said the two most important Kiwanis committees are the Education Committee and the Membership Committee. The Tifton club was responsible for the inter club meeting of the Third Division on December 3 and the Kiwanis International President, Hamilton Holt from Macon, attended the meeting.


  • John Pehler was President of the club.
  • The Kiwanis Club finished third in an inter club golf tournament with the Tifton Lions Club and the Tifton Rotary Club.
  • “Soil Conservation---A Stepping Stone to a Permanent Agriculture” was the topic of the school essay contest the club sponsored in conjunction with the Middle South Georgia Soil Conservation District and Betty King and Marion Fletcher were the first place winners in the senior and junior divisions respectively.
  • The club pianist, Miss Norman Willis, resigned on January 24.
  • Club members were asked to support the Victory Clothing drive and the infantile paralysis fund drive.
  • The first international meeting in four years was held and John W. Pehler and Horace Paulk represented the club at the meeting in Alantic City, New Jersey.


  • W. H. Underwood was President of the club.
  • Entire club worked on raising funds for the recreation center.
  • An iron lung was purchased by the club and the formal presentation to the hospital was made on March 30.
  • Ten members from each club in the Third Division (Albany, Cairo, Moultrie, Pavo, Quitman, Syvester, Thomasville, and Valdosta) came to Tifton for the first divisional meeting of the year on May 14.
  • The formation of a naval reserve unit in Tifton was studied by the club.
  • An investigation was also made into public restrooms for visitors to Tifton.
  • The first annual Fat Hog show sponsored by the club.
  • The Tifton High School Key Club was organized on November 14 with 25 members and received their charter on December 8.


  • Tom Cordell was President of the club.
  • During the District Convention the club received a silver loving cup award for achievements during the year.
  • Club worked on raising funds to support the Boys Estate near Brunswick.
  • Fifty Tift County farmers were honored on Farmers Night.
  • The club sponsored the Albany Concert Orchestra in Tifton to raise money for the Tifton High School Blue and White Band with the admission price being 75 cents.
  • Club sponsored an essay contest for the Soil Conservation Service.
  • The Chamber of Commerce and the club worked together in efforts to obtain an up to date farmers market.
  • All the civic clubs had a joint meeting at a grammar school.


  • In the achievement report the club reported over 700 hours of assistance for Boy and Cub Scouts. Key Club was reported active in the community as well.
  • A total of $1,348.96 was spent on youth and under privileged work.
  • The annual Fat Hog Show had 43 entries and raised $1,770.60 at auction.
  • Eighty farmers were honored at Farmers Night and 22 short courses were sponsored at ABAC.
  • A total of 46 members [out of 51 in the club] hold offices in their church.


  • R. M. Kennon was President.
  • Leonard Elliott was Lt. Governor.
  • Club worked on establishing nursery plots of coastal bermuda grass and financing corn seed purchases by corn clubs of the rural youth.
  • A resolution was passed encouraging a forest fire control unit.
  • The U. S. Marine Corps Band was sponsored in coming to Tifton and the club was active in the Community Concert Association as well.
  • A safety program was started on the radio.
  • New members of the community received cards from the club containing church information.
  • The club had 51 members.
  • The Key Club was active with such projects as Teen town talks ( a radio series covering several weeks), collecting one-half of the cost for an electric scoreboard for the high school gym, and hosting 65 boys at a basketball tournament.


  • The club participated in the Better Home Town Contest by working on an effective fire prevention program and increasing recreational opportunities for Tifton young people.
  • A home talent show called Crazy Daze was sponsored and over 100 local people participated in the three act comedy and seven revues.


  • Meetings were held at the Alpine Restaurant.
  • John Henry Davis was President of the club.
  • Fat Barrow Show awarded approximately $300 in prize money.
  • Bruce Gressette told the Rotarians that the Kiwanians organized the lunchroom program at a local grammar school, the first such program in the city.
  • Ladies night was held twice.
  • The club spent $1,710.26 on charitable purposes including Boy and Cub Scouts ($100.17), doctors ($110), March of Dimes ($25), Boys Estate ($100), Red Cross ($100), Little League ($287.50), FFA Hog Show ($205..55), and empty stocking ($175).


  • Horace Paulk was President.
  • A proposal to reduce the fine for not wearing a pin to ten cents was soundly defeated.
  • The club won the Freedoms Foundation George Washington Honor Medal from the American Heritage Foundation for its role in the Ballot Battalion, a move to get the voters out.
  • A duck was awarded to the team of four with the worst attendance percentage and they had a week to care for the animal.
  • May was “loud shirt” month and members wore different colored shirts to meetings.
  • Two Kiwanis members were supposed to visit every Key Club meeting.
  • Horace Paulk was the first club Kiwanian of the Year.


  • Bruce Gressette was President and his son, Robert Gressette, was President of the Key Club.
  • Bruce set the following objectives when he became President: better programs; better club member attendance; more fellowship with local club members; more fellowship with other Kiwanis clubs and more members attending division meetings; building a club in Ashburn; and starting a Kiwanian of the Year in the club.
  • Dr. E. L. Evans was recognized as the second Kiwanian of the Year.
  • The annual Farmers Night was held at ABAC and about 250 people attended.
  • Club received its 10 year Scout Charter (club sponsors two Boy Scout troops) and the club voted to sponsor one month of Blue Sox baseball games.
  • Henry Bostick talked to the club about the Jury Commission.
  • Meeting time moved from Monday to Friday at 12:30 PM in October.
  • A traffic survey and a safety campaign were completed.
  • Nearly $1,900 was used to help under privileged children.
  • One of the major fundraisers was a lightbulb sale.
  • The club had 43 members.
  • Tifton High School Key Club was cited as being one of the top Key Clubs in the United States. The Key Club put together a directory of high school students, clubs, and faculty, conducted the March of Dimes at the school, sponsored a go to church movement, held a banquet for high school faculty and provided some assembly programs.


  • Ray Jenson was President.
  • Bruce Gressette was given a bound book of bulletins for the past year.
  • The Key Club won top honors in Georgia and third place for all Key Clubs in Kiwanis International.
  • Losing group in an attendance contest had to give an impromptu program one day so members sang songs such as “I’ll be glad when you are dead” and “Sweet Genevieve.”
  • Losing members in another attendance contest had to care for a goat for a week.
  • The Farmers Night program was held and a tour of the Experiment Station was added.
  • Farm information was distributed to 2,350 farmers and youth.
  • The youth committee worked with Boy Scouts Troop 60, Cup Scouts, Little League baseball, Future Farmers of America and provided three scholarships to ABAC.
  • Club grew in size from 43 members to 45 members.
  • Tifton sponsored and attended the charter night celebrations of the Ashburn Club (July 19) and the Fitzgerald Club (July 21).
  • Eight Kiwanis clubs in the 13th District held an officers meeting at the Alpine Restaurant.


  • Mr. Keohane was President of the club.
  • Bruce Gressette was Lt. Governor.
  • Club raised funding for Tiftarea Fat Cattle Show one day after the city announced it could not afford the show.
  • Selling light bulbs was a major fundraiser once again and Christmas trees were obtained from a tree farm and sold to other clubs so they could sell them as a fundraiser.
  • The Farmers Night program had about 100 people attend.
  • One Ladies Night program was a dance at the country club.
  • Key Club won top honors again in the state and Kenny Kent, outgoing Key Club President, received a “Golden Key” award.
  • Semi-annual District 13 meeting had 145 persons attending at the Alpine Restaurant.
  • Family Night was held.
  • A softball team was formed with the Key Club.


  • Allison Bowen was President of the club.
  • Mr. Keohane received a scrapbook of his year and Mr. Gressette received a fountain pin set for his year as Lt. Governor.
  • Light bulbs and Christmas trees were sold as fundraisers.
  • A program was set up to recognize farmers of the month and a farmer of the year was selected from the farmers of the month winners. Willard Dunn was selected Farmer of the Year.
  • The district voted to have a rotating system for selecting Lt. Governors.


  • Nineteen members received perfect attendance pins with Mel Kennon and Tom Cordell receiving 14 year pins.
  • Hilton Hutchinson was President of the club.
  • The meeting right before Christmas was just for coffee and the funds that would have been spent on food were used to buy Christmas presents for needy children.


  • The 16th year charter for Boy Scout Troop 60 was presented to the club.
  • Key Club entertained faculty and student leaders at the American Legion in an annual event with songs such as “Western Movies,” and “Stupid Cupid” being sung.
  • The Key Club also put together a 55 page book containing a list of faculty, list of students in each grade, list of organizations with officers, a football schedule and list of Key Club members. Goals for the year included expanding programs for youth, conservation of natural resources, safety and law enforcement, help with mental disabilities, promoting high standards of business, and strengthening ties with Canada.
  • Club assisted city in taking applications for gas installation.
  • Light bulbs sold as a fundraiser.
  • Ladies Night in December was held at the Elks Lodge and the musical program that was put on was called one of the best programs the club had heard or seen for some time.
  • T. M. Cordell and Hilton Hutchinson received 15 year and 13 years perfect attendance pins respectively.
  • In July, President Gray listed club achievements as being: sponsoring a Boy Scout troop, and a cubpack troop; giving a scholarship to a worthy Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College student; providing glasses and tonsillectomies for under privileged children; recognizing the farmer of the month and the farmer of the year; got out the vote; attending church in a body on stated days; and sponsored a Key Club in the High School.
  • The iron lung that the club purchased ten years earlier was transferred to the Talmadge Memorial Hospital in Augusta.


  • Judge J. Bowie Gray was President of the Club.
  • There were four native Tifton people in the club (James Carmichael, Willard Gaulding, Hilton Hutchinson, and Ralph Carmichael).
  • President Gray listed objectives for the year and some of these were: concern for the high, moral and spiritual values; youth work; safety; and world affairs.
  • A barbeque was held on election day in the Norman Used Car Lot adjacent to Tift Avenue and New Street.
  • Dr. George P. Donaldson was named an honorary member.
  • Club helped out at a rodeo and got part of the proceeds.
  • National Children’s Week observed with children of club members and the program was a Walt Disney film “Nature’s Half Acre.”
  • The Key Club work during the year included: model assembly programs; directory of the school made and distributed; held a Christmas party for underprivileged children; donated magazine covers to the high school library; held a mother-father banquet; took up tickets and operated concessions at ball games; helped the Kiwanians with a barbeque and at the rodeo; took magazines to jail; helped with the March polio road block; and donated money for a new high school stage curtain.
  • The Youth Center got new light fixtures thanks to the club.
  • Four tonsil operations were paid for by the club for underprivileged children.
  • Pam Tawzer and Morgan Calhoun won the club essay contest on “What Freedom Means to Me” and each got a share of Peerless Woolen Co. Stock.
  • Perfect attendance pins were given to: Bruce Gressette and Vernon Yow (10 years); Horace Paulk (13 years); and Hilton Hutchinson (14 years).


  • Horace Paulk received a pin for 15 years of perfect attendance and Vernon Yow got one for 11 years of perfect attendance.
  • Key Club sold Christmas trees as a fundraiser.
  • Vernon Yow was placed on the International Agricultural Committee for Kiwanis International.
  • Miss Joan Gray, club sweetheart, left to go to college.
  • Dr. Otha Hale spoke about plans for Boy Scout Troop 60 and Explorer Post 60.
  • Club played the Key Club in a basketball game and five club members were chosen to be cheerleaders (Jesse Chambliss, Ray Jensen, Ralph Carmichael, Dr. W. T. Brightwell, and Hilton Hutchinson).
  • Jesse Chambliss was President of the club.
  • WWGS and WTIF radio stations were given certificates of appreciation by the club.
  • A Variety Show was held to raise funds.
  • Tifton Key Club won a silver loving cup for achievement in the groups of clubs with 26 members or less.
  • The annual stag party was held on March 27.
  • In 1961 three out of the 28 charter members in 1940 were still part of the club (J. Cliff Parker, Dr. G. O. Wheless, and R. M. Kennon). Eleven past presidents were still part of the club.


  • The Key Club held a Faculty-Student Leader Banquet on January 20 in the school library.
  • Key Club raised $45 during the Christmas tree sales.
  • Calendar sales started on the first Monday in August.
  • Perfect attendance pins were awarded to: Harvey Simpson and Dr. W. S. Brown (18 years); Vernon Yow (12 years); Judge J. Bowie Gray (6 years); and Bill Greer (5 years).
  • Lee A. Womack was selected as the Farmer of the Year.


  • Vernon Yow was President.
  • The club sponsored a concert by Rubinoff at the Tifton Junior High School as a fundraiser.
  • Clayborn Harris was named Farmer of the Year.
  • Fifteen Moultrie High School boys and girls entertained the club during ladies night at the Elks Club.
  • Pen Simpson received a 19 year pin, Dean T. M. Cordell received an 18 year pin, Hilton Hutchinson 17 years, Jerry Keohane and John Henry Davis 11 years.
  • Vernon Yow was elected to be Lt. Governor.
  • In the calendar sales each member was asked to sell 10 calendars and sales were completed by September 9.
  • One scholarship was awarded to a student to attend ABAC.
  • Key Club members were purchased for four hours of work on a Saturday. Tifton Kiwanis Club members bid on which Key Club member they wanted during this fundraiser.


  • Vernon Yow was Lt. Governor.
  • Eight or nine tonsilectomies for needy persons were paid for by the club.
  • The Youth Services Committee sponsored a Little League team, Brownie and Scout troops, and bought uniforms for the Tift County High School Band.
  • Two scholarships were awarded to students to attend ABAC.
  • There were 43 members in the club.
  • Two barbeques and the calendar sales represented the fundraisers for the year.
  • The Key Club raised $500 in a radio auction.
  • Perfect attendance pins were awarded to: Vernon Yow (14 years); Judge J. Bowie Gray (9 years); Glenn Moore and Clarence Smith (5 years); and Donald Pearson and Roy McClusky (2 years).
  • Three of the original members in 1940 are still active in the club.
  • Meetings were held at 7:30 PM on Monday night at the Hotel Myon.
  • The $1,800.00 budget for the year included: $125 for agriculture and conservation, $650 for boys and girls, $125 for the Key Club, $300 for vocational guidance, $150 for special charities, and $275 for the Bulletin.


  • The club presented the Golden Heritage of Free Speech Award to the Tifton Gazette during National Newspaper Week.
  • Lynwood Warren was named Farmer of the Year.
  • The Key Club held a dinner for their parents.
  • The $1824.00 budget for the year included: $125 for agriculture and conservation, $650 for boys and girls, $125 for the Key Club, $50 for Circle K, $300 for vocational guidance, $150 for special charities, and $264 for the Bulletin.


  • The grade for March was 94.4 and attendance was only 84.3.
  • The club meeting location moved from the Holiday Inn to the Howard Johnson and kept the meeting time of Monday night at 7:30 PM.
  • Roy McClusky resigned as Secretary in February and Roy Davis was appointed as the new Secretary.
  • The fine for not wearing a Kiwanis pin at a meeting was set at 25 cents.
  • Members were assigned to a committee as soon as they joined the club.
  • 550 calendars were sold and approximately $1,227.00 was raised.
  • The Election Day barbeque generated a net profit of approximately $300.00.
  • The ABAC Circle K club was formed.
  • The budget for the year included: $650 for boys and girls, $200 for Circle K, $300 for vocational guidance, and $150 for special charities.


  • The International President of Kiwanis visited the Tifton Kiwanis Club, one of two clubs in the state that he visited.
  • Joe Willett replaced Leroy McClusky in his duties with the board.
  • The club sponsored a girl to attend Girls State.
  • On June 26 the club moved its meeting location to the Alpine Restaurant because the Howard Johnson went up to $2.07 each on meals.
  • Names of members who missed meetings were posted in the newsletter.
  • The goal for calendar sales was set at 900 calendars and two members promised to sell 100 each.
  • The $2,000.00 budget for the year included: $175 for agriculture and conservation, $565 for boys and girls, $75 for the Key Club, $200 for Circle K, $100 for Scouting, $300 for vocational guidance, $200 for public relations and Operation SURGE, $60 for international relations, $125 for special charities, and $200 for the bulletin.


  • Dr. W. S. Brown and J. D. McCall were made honorary members.
  • The 28th anniversary of the club was observed.
  • The Tifton Club had 45 members and the Circle K Club had 46 members.
  • Circle K held a rummage sale as a fundraiser.
  • Miss Anne Yow agreed to be the club sweetheart.
  • The club held a pancake day to raise funds specifically for the Chapel of All Faiths at Baldwin College.
  • The two ABAC scholarship recipients were Deborah Karen McCary and Janice Lynn Farrer.
  • Tiftarea Kiwanis Club chartered on October 31.
  • The two other fundraisers held were the calendar sales (which some members were tired of) and the Election Day Barbeque.


  • Jessie G. Chambliss was Lt. Governor.
  • The Tift County High School Key Club won the two highest honors in the state. The Most Outstanding Club won them the District Chairman Trophy. They also won honorable mention in the annual report and scrapbook categories.
  • The Key Club also financed a student handbook, helped teachers distribute textbooks to the classrooms, placed the room number and name of the teacher above the classroom doors, ushered at home football games, worked with the bloodmobile and raised the flag in the morning.
  • The ABAC Circle K Club built a cement sidewalk around the flagpole in front of the Administration Building.
  • Jimmy Carter was scheduled to visit the club on November 10.


  • The ABAC Circle K Club published the first student/staff directory and had one of the most active clubs on campus with 40 members.
  • The Key Club won an Achievement Award and second place in a national competition for a single project.
  • Another project for the Key Club at Tift County High School was to serve as “Big Brothers” for mentally retarded children at the Tift County Day Care Center.
  • Tifton Key Club won first in state for a single project, third place in the state for the scrapbook competition, third in the achievement record and the overall top Key Club in the state.
  • Parents Magazine recognized the Tifton Key Club for the work they did in the community.


  • Loyd V. Norman was Lt. Governor.
  • Kiwanis International and Key Club International both won George Washington Honor Medals from the Freedom Foundation at Valley Forge.
  • The Public Relations Society recognized Kiwanis International for their work on Operation Drug Alert.
  • The Tifton Key Club won four awards at the state meeting (Single Service Project first place for the third year in a row, second place in Achievement, second place in Kiwanis Cooperation, and second place in the scrapbook competition).


  • John Reichart was selected to run for Lt. Governor of Key Club.
  • Key Club Week was celebrated on November 26 - December 1.
  • A reverse Trick or Treat was held by the Tiftarea Club. Members visited a local nursing home and presented a gift.
  • Walter Arrington was the Farmer of the Year.


  • Projects supported by the Tiftarea Kiwanis Club included Little League, Special Olympics, blood pressure clinics and aid to needy students.
  • Chicken-Que plates were sold for $2.00.
  • Calendars were sold for $2.50.
  • The Tiftarea Club established a senior citizen visitation program and 21 volunteered to visit a nursing home.
  • Dale McGriff was introduced as a new member.


  • Ernest Yates was Lt. Governor.
  • Club heard of two proposals during the Kiwanis International Convention. One was to admit women as members and the other was to allow Kiwanis Clubs to hold games of chance like bingo.


  • The major emphasis theme from Kiwanis International was “Safeguard Against Crime” and the club scheduled speakers and projects around this theme.


  • Royce Jones was Lt. Governor.
  • The club started a new project, RIGHTSTART, which involved children from first grade through the teen years in athletic and scholastic competitions, part time work, and how to protect themselves against criminals. >


  • Club started Chicken Que Project with Warren Marchant as chairman.


  • Each Kiwanian purchased a gift, wrapped it up, and delivered it to Charlotte Dasher, the vocational rehabilitation teacher at Tift County High School, to be distributed to a needy child.


  • The club presented a check to the Friends of the Library club.
  • Students in grades 7-12 were given the chance to compete in a Talent Show.


  • Mike Chason was President.
  • Club sponsored a Farm City Week banquet featuring Bobby Rowan and the ABAC Bluegrass Band.
  • Club sponsored a new club in Nashville.


  • Dale McGriff received a Ruby K pin for sponsoring five members in one year.
  • Harvey Simpson received a Legion of Honor Certificate for 40 years as a Kiwanian and 37 years of perfect attendance.
  • “Springtime for the Young at Heart” was a series of events for senior citizens. Among the activities were: a workshop on social security and medicare, a fishing day at the Agrirama, a play done locally, a fun day with the Recreation Department, tea with the ABAC Golddusters and the American Legion Auxililary, and a banquet with entertainment at the ABAC Dining Hall.


  • John R. Cole, Jr. was Lt. Governor.
  • Mike Chason received a banner patch and pin for being a Distinguished Club President.
  • Tifton club was the number one club in the division.
  • Governor Ralph Bishop Jr. from the Georgia District visited the club.
  • Tom Cordell received a 45 Year Legion of Honor Award and had 37 years of perfect attendance.
  • John R. Cole. Jr. qualified for the Kiwanis International Foundation Award because all of the clubs in his division had met the criteria necessary.
  • The club had 80 members.


  • Kiwanis Week in Georgia was celebrated during January 19-25.
  • Club was selected as one of the five best clubs in the Georgia District and was selected as an Outstanding Club.
  • Club was in the 35th year of sponsorship for Recreation Department baseball.
  • Other projects supported by the club included: a beauty pageant for senior citizens, provided prizes for the spelling bee, sponsored visit of the bloodmobile, an annual scholarship to ABAC, Brother Charlie’s Rescue Center, Meals on Wheels, Special Olympics, a Christmas Party for disadvantaged youngsters, and the annual Tift County Talent Showcase.
  • Candy Frederick won the Senior Division Talent Showcase with a modern dance.
  • John Gibbs, Jr. was President.


  • There were 92 members in the club.
  • Outstanding Kiwanians included: Larry Patton, Ronnie Bateman, Bob Keith, George Medford, Floyd Jones, and Warren Marchant.
  • Jim Johnson was President.


  • Wal-Mart provided Kiwanis with $1000 for the sign coming in to Tifton to show what civic clubs were located in Tifton.
  • Club donated $150 to the Friends are Friends Forever program.
  • The Kiwanis Boys Coach Pitch baseball team was sponsored in a trip to Atlanta to watch the San Francisco Giants play the Atlanta Braves.
  • Warren Marchant was President.


  • The club exceeded one hundred members for the first time.
  • The first fishing rodeo was held on June 10 at Baldwin Lake on the campus of Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College. Scott Brady and Keith Delk won the awards for the event. A total of 17 Kiwanians helped 65 children fish during the event.
  • The first annual Kiwanis Club of Tifton Prayer Breakfast was held and cost $3.50 per person.
  • Bill Alverson was President.
  • Chad Purvis received the club scholarship to ABAC.


  • Club celebrated 50th Anniversary with a Ladies Night program on February 16.
  • Projects supported by the club included: a scholarship to ABAC, Key Club, Fishing Rodeo, Special Olympics, Boy Scouts, Boys State, Girls State, Meals on Wheels, Brother Charlie’s Rescue Mission, the American Red Cross, the American Cancer Society, the American Heart Association, and the Georgia Auditory Clinic.
  • It was reported during the anniversary celebration that the club had sponsored the first little league team in Tifton.
  • The Tiftarea Community Leadership Luncheon was held with 400 in attendance to hear Governor Joe Frank Harris.
  • Jennifer Maze received the scholarship to ABAC.
  • The fishing rodeo theme was “Get hooked on fishing not drugs.” Brock Elmore caught the biggest fish and Scott Brady caught the most fish out of 60 kids who participated.
  • Chicken Que was held on April 28 and plates cost $4.00.
  • Membership was up to 113 members.


  • Michael Jones was President.
  • Warren H. Marchant was Lt. Governor
  • David Bosse, Secretary of the club for two years, received an Outstanding Service Award.
  • Tifton club finished first in its division.
  • Tifton club was the number two club in the state.
  • A total of 2,100 chicken plates were sold at the Chicken Que.
  • The Tift County Junior High School Builders Club was chartered in October with 60 members. Adam Fristoe was the first President.
  • Tom Cordell was honored for being in Kiwanis for 53 years and 37 years of perfect attendance.
  • Bylaws changes were voted on and one change included charges for quarterly ($80.00), semi-annual ($150.00), and annual ($300) payment of dues and meals.
  • Meals cost $5.31.
  • Hours reported by the club included: Bloodmobile (475), Fall Planning Conference (338), School Reading Program (276), Red Cross Disaster (176), Meals on Wheels (140), Recycling Trees (125), Cheryl Gaskin Fundraisers (80), Adopt-A-Mile (77), and the Love Affair (58). In all, 3,008 hours were reported.


  • The Georgia Department of Commerce named the club the best statewide civic organization for its work in recycling Christmas trees.
  • The fishing rodeo moved to Paradise Lake and prizes were awarded for three age groups, nine and under, 10-12, and 13-15.
  • D. J. Nobles was President.


  • Wendy Nalls received the scholarship to ABAC.
  • Thad Brewer was President.


  • John Lindsey was President.
  • Club supported Habitat for Humanity strongly.
  • Club was active in Focus on the Flame to support the Olympics.
  • A missionary travelled to visit terminally ill children in Romania and was supported by the club.
  • The Larry Patton Golf Tournament had 54 sponsors at $150 each and 80 golfers who paid $50 each.
  • All past members were honored and a plaque of deceased members was assembled. John H. Lindsey and Bob Keith headed the committee to put together the plaque.


  • Greg Crumley was President.
  • Mike Jones was Lt. Governor.
  • Thad Brewer carried the Olympic Torch in Tifton.
  • Over 5,000 hours were put into community service.


  • Nelson Patterson was President.
  • Club decided to support the Accelerated Reading Program with a donation of $5,000..
  • Club held a Senior Prom, “Young at Heart” and it was a tremendous success.
  • Members donated money monthly (approx. $115 per month) to support the food bank in Tifton.
  • Club received first place in the district scrapbook competition for clubs with more than 100 members.
  • Club received an award for it’s work on cleaning the Adopt-A-Mile on Highway 82.
  • Club participated in the Christmas Parade with a float showing the world.
  • Support was given to the Miss Tifton Beauty Pageant.


  • Lynn Kelley was President.
  • Meal costs at the Holiday Inn went up from $4.50 to $4.95 per meal.
  • Jack Keith resigned as bulletin editor and Duncan McClusky took over.
  • The club provided $250 to support a South African student at ABAC.
  • The club was recognized for their support of the Accelerated Reader Program.
  • The Senior Prom (dance for Senior Citizens) was held at the new high school. >


  • Jimmy Carson was President.
  • The club paid for the first Hixson Award given out by the club and it went to John T. Lindsey.
  • Newsletter included a “Kiwanians in the Know” section to give information on club members.
  • Club achieved 55 volunteer hours per member per year, its highest total.
  • The club gave the fire department funds to purchase fire detectors for elderly and low income families.


  • Harold Abbott was President
  • Happy Bucks was started as a fundraiser for the Administrative Account.
  • Club raised dues by $2.00 per month.
  • Seven club members showed up to work on a Habitat for Humanity Project and found about 70 others already there working.
  • Club provided $6,000 for IDD relief.
  • Club members had the opportunity to purchase club shirts.
  • Club Directory was printed with one member per letter size paper.


  • Bill Keith was President
  • Rotary challenged the Kiwanis Club to a reading contest.
  • Our annual incorporation papers were brought up to date. We were about 28 years out of date.
  • The club had our Tift County High School Key Club charter revoked.
  • The ABAC Circle K Club was reactivated on the last day before losing our charter.
  • A monkey was used as a membership recruitment tool. Any member who got the monkey had to bring it to every meeting until they found a new member.


  • Steve Pearman was President.
  • Bill Keith was Lt. Governor.
  • Club helped start a new Kiwanis Club in Quitman.
  • Club sponsored a Key Club at Tiftarea Academy
  • Club sponsored Circle K Club at Abraham Baldwin College.
  • Club brought in an all-time high of 35 new members.
  • Club had an all-time high of 139 members at year end.
  • Club had 30 members named "Outstanding Kiwanians".
  • Club sponsored 3 scholarships to Abraham Baldwin College.
  • Club designed and sponsored a "Character Building Book" for all 2nd and 3rd graders in Tift County schools.
  • Club had 3 successful fundraisers. They included chicken que, golf tournament and calendar sales. Total funds raised were an all-time high of $26,400.
  • Club donated $5,000 to Tifton's new YMCA.
  • Tifton Kiwanis Club was honored as a Distinguished Club by Georgia District of Kiwanis International.
  • Steve Pearman was honored as Distinguished President.
  • Renae Woods was honored as Distinguished Secretary.
  • Bill Keith was honored as Distinguished Lt. Governor for our district.


  • Joe Pope was President.
  • The club received back $500 from the Magnolia Tree Foundation that ceased to exist and hosted a Sunset Tifton (Chamber of Commerce mixer).


  • Todd Gann was President.


  • Jim Sinclair was President.


  • Keith Rucker was President of the Club
  • Holiday Inn raised prices on meals from $7.48 to $8.60 per plate.
  • The club considered changing locations but some members were against a move.
  • The club dropped the calendar sales project and started the Hometown Holidays Fun Run Fundraiser.
  • Club members donated funds to pay dues for a member, Jack Gibbs, suffering from cancer.
  • The Tift County High School Key Club was restarted with Julie Rucker as the faculty adviser.


  • Lea Harvin was the first female President of the Club.
  • Hal Henderson became Lt. Governor in mid year.
  • Started the year with about $64 in the Administrative Account.
  • The club worked on reducing the amount of money owed to the club by club members for dues.
  • The Club cooked for the UGA Tifton Campus and raised $500.


  • A Tift County High School Student, Jason Ni, won third place in the District Talent Showcase.
  • Club sponsored Recreation League T-Ball and Midget football teams.
  • Club member Bret Wagenhorst received the Exchange Club award.
  • Membership dropped to 79 members and averaged 48 service hours per member for the year.
  • Hal Henderson served as Lt. Governor for the division and all the clubs in the division participated in a division agreement.